Benno Belke (1977) works at the intersection between cognitive science and sound art. 

He studied at the Free University of Berlin, Middlesex University London, and the National Film and Television School (UK). Currently, he is affiliated with the Basic Psychology Department at the University of Vienna.

As an independent researcher, he investigates basic cognitive principles of experiencing contemporary art. His publications on perceptual categorization, processing-fluency, and on a psycho-aesthetical model, which he co-authored, are widely cited in psychological science (e.g., Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology), in philosophical aesthetics (e.g., Lopes D. M. 2018, Aesthetics on the Edge, Oxford University Press), and in the popular scientific literature (e.g., New Scientist).

In 2003-2005 he held a position as the deputy project leader of a psychological research division at the Collaborative Research Centre (Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits, SFB 626) at the Free University, Berlin.

His sonic installations were exhibited in art festivals and events across Europe. He was commissioned to compose a 16 channel sound-field for the EXPO 2000 public space in the city centre of Hannover in 2012.

In 2011 he was awarded the price for best movie music and sounddesign (21st Filmart Festival Schwerin) for his work on Ciril Braem's arthouse film "Mein Prinz. Mein König".


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