Benno Belke (* 1977 in Rome) is a German researcher, who works at the intersection between cognitive science, sound art, and audible design.

He holds a Dr. phil. in Psychology from the University of Vienna. Priorly, he graduated with degrees in Psychology (Free University Berlin) as well as Sonic Arts (Middlesex University, London) and studied film sound design at the UK National Film and Television School. He held the position of a deputy project leader at the Collaborative Research Centre 626 Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits at the Free University Berlin.


His articles on experimental aesthetics gained attention in psychological science (e.g., Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology, 4th ed.), in philosophical aesthetics (e.g., Lopes, 2018, Aesthetics on the Edge, Oxford University Press), as well as in the popular scientific literature (e.g., New Scientist, 2012, issue 2873).​​ He co-authored an aesthetic information processing model that has received more than 1800 scholarly citations. He is a reviewer for the journals: Frontiers in Psychology, Plos One, Behavioural SciencesPsych, and Art & Perception.

His audience centred sound interventions were installed in several public places in Europe. In 2012 he was commissioned a large-scale sound-field composition for the Expo 2000 designed Platz der Weltausstellung in Hannover with support by the North German Broadcast (NDR) and the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes).