Illustration of an acoustic shadow

Illustration of an acoustic shadow

Illustration of an acoustic shadow


A real-time sonic intervention, in which one another's observation of moving in space chronologically falls apart in sight and sound. 

Participants can enter one of two acoustically decoupled rooms that are separated by sound proof glass. Sounds of footsteps emitted by participants in one room are diffused into the respective other room with a delay of three seconds (and vice versa). This offset transcends the time-window of present moment consciousness of three seconds, which is why movements immediately disintegrate into present (sight) and past (sound) perceptual events. This audiovisual desynchronization gives rise to the impression of one or many acoustic shadows that are ghostly attached to trajectories of moving bodies.  

Since participants are mutually observers and observants of their own perception and the respective other, the setting reveals a phenomenologically complex scenario.

2020 Under construction 


Architectural model

The installation makes use of recording structure-borne floor noise, which is diffused into 3-D sound fields.

Sizes and dimensions variable

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