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A temporary site-specific composition for the Platz der Weltausstellung, originally built for the World EXPO in 2000 in the centre of Hannover, Germany.

The sixteen-channel audio was diffused into head-hight mounted speakers that formed an expansive sound-field of approximately 200.000 square feet.

Analogue to a visual moiré-effect, the composition made use of interferences by superposing almost identical basic sonic patterns that varied slightly in temporal or spectral parameters. Participants could explore the emerging psycho-accoustic gestalts in an ever-changing interaction between their local position in the field, the physicality of sound, and the generative qualities of perception.

The composition was selected for constant diffusion in 2013.

Collaboration with Oli Larkin

Commissioned by Musik 21 Niedersachsen with support by Federal German Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes) and the North German Broadcast (NDR)

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