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A participatory theatrical heavy-metal installation that instantly transforms a participator's voice into an evolving stream of large scale noise. Responsive but beyond control, the aural bedlam quickly surpasses the human capacities, which offers a liberating, or even cathartic experience.

With site-specific adaptions to public spaces (church, cinema, store window, airport terminal), the installation was exhibited at the Expo Leeds (UK), the art-show Les Grandes traversées in Bordeaux (F), Berlin Music Festival / Lollapalooza, and at the Kunstvlaai festival in Amsterdam (NL). 

The pre-composed audio has received an honorary mention at the Ars Electronica in the section Digital Music in 2004 ("Chlorgeschlecht"). 

[Materials: audio mixer, audio-subwoofer, audio to light transducer, laptop running the software max/msp, dvd player, vapor-machine, audio floor monitor, Marshall amplifier top and cabinet, SM 57 microphone, microphone stand, stage-floor construction, spot lights, stroboscopic light, 2 x 3 tv monitor stacks] 

Dimensions and sizes variable

Collaboration with Alex Kloster and Arno Coenen

Commissioned in England by Sound and Music with support from the Arts Council England and the BBC Big Screen

I speak, therefore I am: Text
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